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The manufacturing industry is facing an increase in cybersecurity threats due to the ongoing digitization and interconnection of their processes. As manufacturing organizations adopt operational technology and centralized authentication systems like Microsoft Active Directory (AD), the need for stronger security measures becomes urgent. Attackers are specifically targeting AD due to its crucial role in business operations, and the growing complexity of the AD attack surface makes it challenging for manufacturers to stay ahead of threats. A successful attack on AD can result in severe consequences such as production downtime, data theft, and financial loss.


Securing AD is vital for the success of manufacturing companies. By implementing continuous monitoring and prevention technologies, these companies can proactively block attacks and protect against cyberthreats, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Securing Manufacturing An Active Directory Security Perspective Image

In this document, we will discuss:


  • The importance of AD in the manufacturing sector

  • The challenges faced by manufacturers in securing AD

  • The specific tactics employed by malicious actors to exploit AD vulnerabilities

  • Best practices for securing the AD infrastructure of manufacturing organizations

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