Operational Technology (OT) & the Expenses Associated With a Breach

Operational technology (OT) plays a vital role in the automotive industry's day-to-day practices. According to Tenable, operational technology is defined as technology that "keeps critical infrastructure and industrial environments functioning. OT software is made up of software and hardware used to manage, secure and control industrial control systems (ICS), devices and processes in your OT environment."

OT's importance to daily workflows and business functions makes securing that technology that much more vital. A few days of downtime can have expensive outcomes, but according to Tenable®'s infographic, just one hour of can set back an automotive business approximately $1.3M. Learn more about the numbers behind OT security and the costs of a breach using this handy infographic from Tenable®. 

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Source: Tenable

Tenable_OT Security By the Numbers - Snippet

Download the infographic.

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