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Are there gaps in your organization’s cyber defenses? Where are you most exposed or open to attack? Which vulnerabilities are putting the security of your organization at risk?

According to Astra, nearly 43% of all cyberattacks are targeted at small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), and for those unfortunate enough to experience a successful attack, 60% of SMEs end up closing their doors forever within 6 months. Not good odds. At Cyber Sainik, we’re working to protect businesses so they can continue to focus and do what they do best - grow.


For a limited time, we’re offering select businesses a complimentary vulnerability assessment so they can better defend against and identify potential attacks before they happen.


What is included in your assessment?

  • 1-hour consultation with a Cyber Sainik security professional

  • A full report of existing vulnerabilities within your environment ranked by severity and risk

  • Personalized overview of opportunities to enhance your security and best practices specific to your industry

Learn more about the potential risks to your organization and how best to Defend, Detect, and Destroy them with our complimentary assessment.

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